Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fake Face Of The Night

Not going to lie to you, I did not actually go out with that look. I wish I would've because I'm for once pretty happy with how it turned out, but instead of going out having fun with my friends, I'm here sitting in my couch, writing a post, who people I don't even know (but still love) are going to read. No but seriously I was supposed to go out so I got all fancy, usually I'm to lazy to come out of bed but tonight I wanted to make an effort. Turned out I took to much time to get ready and it was to late to go out. 
Well I mean I take that as a sign, a sign that a should stay in bed all my life, reading blogs, tweeting, going on Facebook, procrastinating and watching Youtube videos and series. I'm okay with spending all my weekends like that but I don't think that's how my social life is going to involve. 
Well, as long as I have my computer with me I don't think I even need friends. Okay now I'm going to stop trying to influence you to be as unsociable and lazy as me and I'm going to show you what look I created to go ... to sleep. 

(too serious face)

(trying to hard to do a silly face)

Products I used :

-Naked Palette (colors : Virgin, Dark Horse, Buck)
-Gel Liner by Maybelline in Black
-Mascara : The Falsies by Maybelline
-Foundation : Laura Mercier Silk Cream
-Blush : Sleek in Coral
- Bronzer : Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer
-Clarins Lip Perfector in 01
-Charcoal Brown by Mac


  1. Great eye make up! Its easy to be a couch potato, i know coz m0st of wkends are spent home. Haha but we kn0w that we should go out too sometimes. :-)

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