Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Makeup, Messy Hair, Lazy Days

Do you know that thing when the first day, week or even month of school, you wake up earlier just to get ready properly? You do your hair, your make-up, and you put together a cute outfit... But then progressively, day after day, you skip a step in your routine, and then you start to be lazy to even get ready, so you don't care how you look like. Well I'm exactly at that stage now. School has begun 2 month ago, and honestly, all I want to do in the morning is sleep, and I'm sure whoever is reading this right now can relate. So basically, I'm at the point where I don't do my hair and don't wear any makeup to school, and I quite like it. I don't particularly like the appearance of it, but I like the feeling of having nothing on your face, that feeling of "natural", and, you know, it's always nice to know that you can rub your eyes without having to worry about your mascara or eye-liner. Oh and I'm only fifteen, so it's pretty normal at my school not to wear to much makeup, I'm just a little bit obsessed with all things beauty related.
 At first I thought I would scare people to show up looking like such a mess, but no one even really noticed. So remember it's all in your head, no one cares if your hair looks perfect or if your makeup is flawless, it's all us, girls making a big deal out of everything. 
Don't get me wrong here, if you have time to do all those things every morning than go for it girl, but from time to time let your skin breath, and give your hair a break.
So here is me, naked face, careless hair, enjoy the mess.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rihanna's concert

Finally some kind of celebrity/singer comes to Israel! I love my country and I absolutely love living here but it's not often that my taste of artist perform here...
So if you follow me on twitter you would know that two days ago I went to Rihanna's concert and it was amazing! Although she did come an hour, which I thought was a bit disrespectful and unprofessional, she made it all worth it by killing it on stage! I've always loved Rihanna, but I was never a huge fan, and honestly seeing her on stage made me fall in love completely (Beyonce's stays forever number one in my heart) , it's like she's feeling the music in every part of her body, plus her voice is beautiful, and I mean she's not bad either... *cough, cough* jealous.

Here is what I wore. First I was planning to go all black with a dark lip, but I really looked a bit scary and halloween is not here yet, so that's what I went for :

Tee-Shirt : Urban Outfitters 
Body-con (under shirt) : American Apparel
Shorts : Zara
Necklace : Claire's
Dark lip : Revlon lip butter Just Bitten Kissable in 005 Crush Beguin
And obviously my trusty converse!

Hum and little tip for you guys, don't ever go to concert with tight and uncomfortable clothes or with heels, be as comfortable as you can, you'll have more fun! 
Thank you for reading :-*

Big Kisses Princesses 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

10 ideas for an healthier way of life

Hello there lovely readers! Before I even start this post, I must apologize for how lame I've been lately on blogging, it's just that school has just started two month ago, and I'm already overwhelmed with work. Crazy right? So I've only been posting once a week, I know it's nothing but for now, I can't do more, but I'll try as much as I can to post more often because I genuinely love it (more than school for sure).
Okay so today I'm going to talk to you about health, which is pretty ironic since I haven't been feeling too well for the pass few days but whatever. So here are some little and very simple ideas you can add to your daily routine for a healthier way of life :

1. Before you do anything in the morning, especially before you eat, drink pure lemon juice mixed with water : it clears your stomach, and brightens your skin.

2. In a meal always start with the raw food (vegetables, salad...) it makes the digestion easier. Also don't end your meal with a fruit because fruit are faster to digest so it slows the digestion.

3. Workout for 30 minutes a day, I know it sounds like a lot and not everyone has the time, but it can be anything, even walking to school or to work. 

4. Have 10 big breathe during the day, preferably in fresh air or in front of a window. 

5. Do NEVER skip meals and if you don't have time to eat than drink a shake, but don't ever let your body be hungry.
6. Go to sleep as early as you can (now this one I always have to tell myself) but the hours before 00:00 are more repairing than the hours after. 

7. Start your shower with a splash of cold water on your legs, it helps the blood to flow better.

8. Stretch for 5 minutes a day, that's a step we usually skip but it has a lot of benefits to your body : it reduces stress and increases circulation as well as range of motion. Basically, it does only good things! and I mean come on guys it's only 5 minutes, don't be lazy! (haha look who's talking)

9. Drink A LOT of water, that has to be the most important step! If you had to choose to do one thing out of all these 10 things, choose this! Drink to the point where your body can't even take no more. No but really. DRINK. (tea is good too, especially green tea)

10.And last one, and well I actually think this one is the most important of them all : BE HAPPY, I know it might sound random and stupid but that's an all around major thing in life. Okay I'm being a bit cheesy right now, but really guys, think positive and stress less. Always do whatever makes you happy and sorry for being rude but f*ck what others think. 

Once again, thank you guys for reading! Let me know if you like this different kind of posts. I hope you were inspired to be healthier, and even if you'll add only one of these step to your daily routine, I'll already be very proud of you :)

 I did not make up all these ideas myself, so thanks mom for the tips, love you!
I wish you all a fantastic, happy and healthy week! Big Kisses Princesses 

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Liebster Award

Usually I make my introductions super long, but never really on purpose... The thing is I start writing and I'm like "ok I might as well tell them that, oh and maybe that to" but you guys probably don't care about my life so today I'm going to skip that part and get right into it (that introduction was already longer than I wanted it to be, but I just can't maintain myself from being pointless, sorry.) 
The "liebster award is such a great thing for all the blogger newbies here who don't have many followers because it provides them a chance to shine and be discovered. 
1. If you are nominated, you have to answer 10 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
2. Then, you have to nominate new bloggers who have less than 200 followers and provide them 10 questions to answer.
3. You have to notify the bloggers you have nominated so that they can answer your questions.
4. And the cycle goes on! :) More nominations, More exposure!" So that's what was written on  blog, she was the lovely girl that tagged me to do it, so there are my answers, enjoy!

1. What high-end products do you like the best?
I won't say it's my all time favorite product, but it's my most precious and expensive little baby, and that is the Estee Lauder blush in tease. It's so shimmery and rosy and it just makes me happy when I see it! Plus it gives you a gorgeous glow on the cheeks! But guess what? It is limited edition, so I'm sorry if I'm torturing you... but you might still be able to find it in some places and if you do, go get it!! 

2. What's the best drugstore brand you've ever tried?
I have to say Rimmel because they've been killing it lately with their amazing products, but Maybelline still has the best mascaras, so litte tie...

3. Best moment of your life? 
Wow, that's deep... I mean it's hard to choose but the best and the most memorable moments of my life have to be either my Bar-Mitsva (which is a jewish ceremony you celebrate when you're turning 12 for women and 13 for men), my parents wedding, or my first Beyonce's concert... Will never, ever forget those days.

4. Tell me your holy grail products in term of foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara
Foundation : I'm not the good person to ask since I don't really wear foundation, if I wear something on my skin most of the time it will just be BB cream, and I really like the Clarins one or the Maybelline one for a cheaper alternative.
Concealer : Collection lasting perfection for my face and Bobbi Brown corrector for under my eyes.
Powder : Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Blush : Mac cream blush in LadyBlush
Bronzer : Nars Laguna
Eyeliner : Maybelline gel liner in black, or Oreal Super Liner
Mascara : Maybelline The Falsies

6. Ever think of filming a video and post it on Youtube? 
I love that question because I actually do think about that, a lot! But I'm just too scared to expose myself like that... I always ask myself : "What if everyone hates me?" "What if I end up being ridiculous?" "What if someone from my entourage finds out and tells everyone, how would I react?"So basically I really want to, but way to scared for now, maybe one day, I don't know...

7. What camera do you use to take your blog pictures?
Canon EOS 1000D

8. What are your thoughts on makeup reviews on YouTube? 
Hum... Yeah I like them, really helpful when you're hesitating on buying a product, but they really aren't my favorite kind of videos to watch.

9. Who's your favorite makeup gurus?
Tricky one because I have couple of favortie beauty gurus, but only makeup wise it has the be Tanya Burr, I love everything about her, I just have no more to say.

10. Did you like my questions? 
Haha yes of course I did! Thank you for tagging me!

Here are my questions : 1. What is your favorite song of the moment?
2. Who is your inspiration? 
3. Why did you start blogging and are you enjoying it so far?
4. Are you thinking about creating a Youtube Channel one day?
5. What is your favorite thing about fall?
6. List some of your favorite blogs to read
7. What is your beauty essential for the cold weather?
8. Describe how is your hair and how do you wear it most of the day (this one is pretty random but I'm curious) 
9. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
10. What kind of posts do you like reading the most ?

That's it for the questions, hope you enjoyed this post, if you do this tag as well, please leave a link down below, I would love to read your answers! I'm tagging everyone but especially :

Big Kisses Princesses 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hair Care Routine

I was meaning to write this post for almost two weeks now, but as I said in my previous post I had some technical issues : long story short the photos I took for this hair care post were not saved on my camera. 
So, the reason I'm showing you my hair care routine, first of all it's because, you're reading a beauty blog so that's what we d, ramble about products, I mean I think, correct me if I'm wrong! but anyways the main reason is because on my little hair tutorial I posted couple of weeks ago, I got so many lovely comments from you about my hair! (by the way thank you so much) so it would only be fair for me to show you how I treat them!
Let's talk about the good stuff now!

The hair mask that I'm using is called "H'Suan Wen Hua", by Lush. I should point out first that I absolutely love lush! Not only because their products make my hair feel amazing but because they're using mainly natural products so I don't feel like I'm torturing my hair with tones of chemicals. 
This hair mask just keeps my hair feeling amazing and looking pretty good too. The thing I like the most about this is that I can allow myself to not wash my hair the day after I use this. Okay, so little confession, I do wash my hair everyday and I know it's bad but guys if you had my hair you would understand! If I don't wash it for more than a day, I literally look like Bob Marley, no exaggeration... okay, maybe a little exaggerated but I really do get dreadlocks after not washing them for a long time. Besides that I have to mention there is one big NO about that products, and I feel like it's in my duty to warn you that this stuff smells bad, really bad, I mean really don't expect it to smell like roses because you will be disappointed. 

Okay enough about that, the next thing I use is my Kerastase Shampoo. This is in order of application, oh, yes, because I forgot to mention that the lush mask is ment to be put in your hair before the shampoo, and let it sit for 20 minutes, then you wash it off. 
So I picked up this shampoo not long ago, so I could not tell a lot about it, but for now I'm really pleased with it. It's made for dry and damaged hair, and it does the job so I have no complains, little baby shampoo is pleasing mama so far (mama as being me, sorry for being weird.) 

Now for the final "in the shower" product, is obviously conditioner! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with "Retread" by Lush (again!). The thing is that I absolutely love the way it leaves feeling my hair after the shower but only once my hair are dry; BUT, it does a really bad job at detangling my hair! (and that's when my pink tangle teaser comes in handy) I guess it's my hair the problem, I mean I know it is, it's always my hair the problem, but still. Now, don't get me wrong, I would 100 % recommend this product, I just have very very very tangled hair and this doesn't make it any easier, but if you have slightly finer hair, then just run to lush and purchase it. You won't regret it.

Okay, for the last product (do you have any other term than "product"? my hands are getting tired of writing this word), Morrocon Oil obviously! I feel like such a typical beauty blogger right now for using this so I'm not going to talk any further about it, but I love it. 

And that's it for my hair care routine, it's not very extravagant, pretty usual but I hope you enjoyed the read or find it helpful! Please let me know in the comments down below if there are any other products (and please write an alternative word to that one, I just feel boring saying this everytime!) that you would recommend and that fit curly voluminous and tangled hair and I'll be sure to go check them out! Thank you so much for reading! 
Kisses Princesses!