Saturday, September 7, 2013

This or That TAG (fashion) ♛

I am very new to this all world of blogging about fashion, beauty and other random things, so to do a TAG for the first time is quite exciting for me because I always see other well-known youtubers do them but I never thought I would actually end up doing one myself :p (I may sound like a freak but it's okay). I was tagged by a lovely blogger ( so I decided I'll give it a go :) 

Jeans or sweat pants ? Jeans 
This is very sad to admit but I choose look over comfort. Pretty embarrassing I know but I'm just a jeans girl I can't help it. Don't get me wrong, if I'm not doing anything, just laying on my couch not being very productive, I'll be in sweat pants obviously, I'm not watching TV in skinny jeans !

Long Sleeves or Short ? Short
Like Orlaith said in her post, it depends on the weather but since I live in a country where it's cold only 10 % of the year (by cold I mean minimum 15 °c) than I choose short. Otherwise I'll be sweating all the time and that's never really sexy, is it ?

Dresses or Skirts ? Dresses
I love both but definitely dresses because there are so easy to wear, it's only one piece but it makes an entire outfit ! 

Stripes or Plaids ? Stripes
I feel like stripes will never go out of fashion, they always look cute no matter what season. 

Flip Flops or Sandals ? Sandals
Sandals, I don't have an explanation for that I just found them prettier. 

Scarves or Hats ? Scarves 
I wish I could say hats, but they really just don't fit me. I seriously look so idiot with a hat on. Everytime I want to put one I'm like "Yeah this time I'll look so hot with a hat, I will totaly rock this hat today" but, um... No. It never works, I just end up looking idiot so I'm going with scarves because they make me look ok, they are nicer (Am I talking about clothes right now?haha)

Studs or Dangly Earrings ? Both 
For this one, I really just can't decide. It really depends on my outfit and on what other jewelry I'm wearing that day. If I already have a statement piece of jewelry on, than I'll go with the studs, if I don't then I'll go with the dangly earrings.

Necklace or Bracelets? Necklace
Necklace ! I don't really change up my bracelets to much. All the bracelets I'm given I just wear them and they never leave my wrist. On the other side I love changing up my necklaces, I think it's a great way to spice up any outfit.

Heels or Flats ? Flats
This is a very easy one for me, since I'm only 15 flats are the only thing I wear. Maybe for special occasion I will wear my only pair of heels but otherwise, heels are not my thing yet.

Cowboy or Riding Boots ? Riding Boots
To be honest, I don't really wear either ones but I feel like Riding Boots are easier to style and more wearable. 

Jacket or Hoodies ? Tie
Hoddie for comfy (I'm a poet!), Jacket for style.

And that's it! I really enjoyed doing that tag and I tag all of you reading this to do it as well. I did not do all the parts of this tag but only the fashion one. If you would like to see the complete tag (with beauty, nails, hair and randoms) than head over to Orlaith blog : 
Thank you for taking you time to read this, I really hope you liked it :) 

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  3. I am definitely more of a scarf than a hat person too! I loathe hats, they just mess up your hair! Unless its snowing, I never whip a hat out x

    1. Haha, but it's never snowing in my country so... :p