Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review : Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm ♛

Well, I think that pretty much everybody heard about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. It has been a very loved and very talked about product for now a couple of years. Although I never really heard about the Lip Balm range, so I thought I'll give them a go.
For those that have been living under a rock and actually don't know what the Eight Hour Cream is, it's a cream (daah!) that protects and hydrates the skin for up to eight hours. 
So the lip balm is basically the same thing but in a lipstick tube, and with different tints. It didn't take me long to become addict, since it has the same formula than the original eight hour cream, but it's simply more practical and prettier. You can carry it in your hand bag and reapply it thru-out the day even without a mirror. It's cheer and glossy, but still very pretty (that totally rimed!). I'm a bit sad that it exist only in three colors though : a dark red (that doesn't come off strong at all), a pink, and a cheer one. 
I find that usually lip balms are really nice and smooth on the lips but don't really do a great job at actually moisturizing them, although here, the lip balms really treat your lips. 
Here I tried them on for you so you can see how it looks like :  

The Dark Red (for more of a sexy look)

The Pink (for a cute look)

The Cheer (for a natural look)

Overall I think that it's a brilliant lip balm, and I would definitely suggest you purchase it if you're in a hunt for a little bit of color on your lips without it being too dramatic and still being hydrating. And that's it for today ! Thank you for reading :)


  1. What?!! Have i been under a rock or something? I didnt know they made these and I love the 8 hour cream on my lips. I can't wait to get one :D

  2. Haha well then you're welcome, I really hope you love them as much as I do :p

  3. So in love with your blog,really! I've just discovered it and I've been kept by your unique and amazing style, you got one more daily reader honey, I think your style fits perfectly with mine and I find you so inspiring, if you want you can have a look to my blog too, and maybe if you like it we can also follow each other, just let me know and congrats again, you're having such a great job :)

    1. Thank you ! This comment really means so much, I'm very touched !

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  5. I really like these! I love how sheer yet moisturising they are! Really lovely! :)