Thursday, August 29, 2013

Social Network ♛

If some of you are reading my blog, than I'm really sorry I haven't been posting anything for the last couple of days...The thing is since school started I have quite a busy schedule. When I come back from school, the sky is already dark so I'm not so much in the mood of taking pictures, editing, writing and all of that. I know it might sound a bit selfish but I mean if you're at school you get me right ? But since the weekend is coming up I'm gonna try to catch up a bit. The reason I am writing this at the begining of the school year is because I know that I won't be posting on a daily basis (because of school, homework, dance classes...)  but more like 3 days a week. So if you liked my posts so far (I'm just starting, so I promise I will get better at this :p) and you would like to know when I'm posting a new article than you can follow my blog via Google Friend Connect, which is "the official" following system I guess (you just need to have a gmail account and it is really easy to sign in), or via Google + (same thing, you need to have a gmail account, very easy) or even on BlogLovin' (where you can sign in via FaceBook). 
If you didn't quite understand all this following system it's okay, because I don't completely get it either (yet!) and that's probably the reason why I'm so bad at explaining all of it. Well if that's the case and you would like to read my blog, than come check in from times to times if I posted something new :) With that being said, I hope you'll all have amazing and relaxing week-ends!

*By the way the picture up there is me, I just didn't want to this post so boring only with a text so I added a picture, to be a little more entertaining, tell me if it's stupid.


  1. Awww, I totally get you! I am going to start school soon and the revision is sadly probably going to keep me away from bloggin:(xo