Sunday, August 25, 2013

Leopard Print Nails ♛

To be honest, leopard print nails are probably the only nail design I know how to do. So today I thought I'd show you how I do mine. I'm not a master a it and it doesn't end up being perfect but I actually like the messy look that it gives to my nails. I also do not use the regular colors (like black, white and brown) because I think it looks a bit boring and since we're still in summer, I like to keep my nails colored and not go into fall/winter colors yet. So let's get started!

Step 1 : You want to start by shaping your nails the way you want it to look, I personally prefer mine square shaped.
Step 2 : First of all you need to apply a base coat so the nail polish doesn't damage your nails. I'm using here the OPI base coat.

Step 3 : Then apply any colors you would want as a base, I'm using a mint color just because I love that color for the summer but any bright (or even dark) nail polish will do. This one is Mint Candy Apple by Essie.

Step 4 : Take a white nail polish (this is Marshmallow by Essie) and dot it on your nails. There is no to be really precise with it.

Step 5 : Take any object that is pointy or something that you can have more control of, because that part gets a little bit more precise. I used a little angled brush which I don't usually use but I couldn't find my other tools. Okay now what you want to do is to take any darker nail polish, I took a dark blue (this one is Blue Grape by Baryeme) and I did unclosed cercles around my white dots. This is a bit hard to explain but what you want to do is little unfinished circles around the white. Then where you have spaces left just dot the darker nail polish and you should be done. 

Step 6 : Now for the last step just take any top coat that you have and put it so it stays in place, I use the Essie one.

I hope you found that little tutorial helpful, it's not supposed to end up perfect don't worry, I quite like it messy. You can do it on one nail only if you're feeling lazy or you can do it on all your nails, either way it looks cute in my opinion. Okay, hope you liked itt :) Byeeee