Thursday, January 9, 2014

14 Resolutions for 2014

Happy New year everyone! You made it to 2014, congratulations!
Again I'm probably the last one to make a new year's resolutions post but whatever, better late than never, right? So I don't really remember on what blog I saw this post but I thought it was a brilliant idea to kick 2014 off. So today I'm going to share with you my 2014 resolutions. It's not very original but at least, if I share it for everyone to see, I'd feel even more obligated to actually accomplish these new year's wishes.


1. Stress less and relax more. I'm the kind of person that would stress about literally anything. If I have a test the next day, I stress; if I have lots of homework, I stress; if I have an argue with someone, I stress. I have to understand that stressing does not make any difference to the situation. It's just unhealthy.

2. To stop always feel guilty. This is not really a resolution, but more of a reminder that sometimes I have to give myself a break from work, dance or blogging without feeling guilty about it. Relaxing is human.


3. Grow a special bond with each an every one of my family members and enjoy every moment with them. I really believe that family is one of the most important thing is this world, if not the most important.


4. This one is probably pretty basic, and  usual but I'd really like to succeed my school year. To get good grades throughout all this year. 


5. Go out with my friends more rather than always being home on my spear time. I'm the kind of girl that has the best nights ever just staying home. So I probably have to expand my social life.


6. Blog as much as I can, that means at least twice a week. It's not always possible for me but I'll try my best.

7. Enjoying the whole experience off blogging without putting so much pressure on myself.

8. Change the entire design of my blog. Making it way more professional and nice looking.


9. I grew up in a very health oriented family, so I've always eaten healthy, but I really want to keep it that way without craving unhealthy food too much. Just genuinely enjoying being healthy.

10. Continue to work out on a regular basic and to allow myself to miss dance practice only for exceptional occasions.


11. Live in the moment. By that I mean to be less addicted to social media, my computer or my phone. I love spending time on my computer but everything has limits and when I'm with people I should be with them and not checking my phone every second (I'm sure you all can relate to this one).

12. Being more organized. Okay I have to admit I say that every year but now I really have to change my bad organization habits. I'm quite a busy person to be honest for a 15 year old girl but most of the time I'm all over the place, and overwhelmed with everything I have to get done.

13. That brings me to my next one which is : get things done as quick as possible. Don't wait till the last minute... maybe the last minute is still okay, but don't wait till the last SECOND ; because that's exactly what I do. I do get everything done by the end of the day but I might just be the biggest procrastinator in the world.

14. Giving back more. This might sound really cheesy and maybe even fake, but I really mean it. I know how lucky I am to have amazing people around me that love and care about me.What I also know is that not everyone has that, so I'd like to spread as much love as I can give. 

Let me know in the comments down below your new year's resolutions!
I'm very noisy so I love to read those kind of posts… So link me your blog down below if you wrote a similar post. 

Big Kisses and Happy New Year Princesses 


  1. Great resolutions xx

  2. Every year I never really stick to it, however I am grateful for life and opportunity

  3. love the resolutions and really hope you will stick to them (especially the one about blogging often :P)

    xx, Anna

  4. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach